Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blue and Yellow Chinese Export Ware Style Dog Bowl by M. W. Moses

A while back I found a large, blank, bisque ware dog dish at Dogwood Ceramic Supply, in Gulfport,MS. Where I purchase all of my pottery supplies. I do not generally bother with pre-made ceramic blanks, but I saw this dog bowl and I thought how cool it would be to do a deluxe blue and yellow Chinese export ware style dog bowl.
So I did a blue dragon on a yellow ground with clouds and blue cherry blossoms. I must admit that I was fairly pleased with the finished piece.This bowl would be perfect for that truly pampered, special pet, or for that Quirky upscale  take it to the next level caviar party!

Here is an image of the project at the beginning of the painting stage.

The finished bowl

The center of the bowl

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